Performing Arts Studio West
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If you’ve been watching Born This Way on A&E you’ve no doubt seen where some of the cast members study their craft and pursue their dreams of becoming performers. Today we’re going to take a look at that unique service provider / dream maker – Performing Arts Studio West.  (PASW on Facebook)

According to their website:

“PASW is a non-profit affiliated arts program funded by the State of California Department of Developmental Services through the Regional Centers of the Greater Los Angeles Area.”

For those of us who are not California residents, that means that not only is it a cool place to hang out and learn it’s also part of the disability support services offered when a person with intellectual disabilities has goals and objectives (i.e. vocational and/or social) in their individual service plan (think adult IEP) that can be met there.

They offer classes such as dance, acting, and music along with career development support like audition and on-set protocol and talent management. Employees at PASW research and submit students for real jobs in television, music videos, film and more.

**Look real close you’ll see John Tucker and Caley Versfelt for a second in the beginning of this clip from Glee on the PASW YouTube Channel**


PASW offers an innovative approach to disability services. It does seem logical that there would be such a place in the land of bright lights and red carpets – but what about the rest of us? Are there similar services in other cities in the U.S.?


As a special treat for our readers, we’re sharing a session from this year’s 321 eConference with John Paizis, founder of PASW.  Find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes at this great place!


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