Today’s post is written by Ethan Saylor’s Aunt Terri Saylor Wilson  (and one of my dearest friends!)  

Thank you Terri for sharing some of your special memories of Ethan with us!

For more information on the story, you can see our page on #JusticeForEthan,

This is my nephew Ethan Saylor.  I had the honor of being his aunt for 26 years before he died tragically in January 2013.  
I spent a lot of time with Ethan when he was younger.  I have so many great memories of Ethan when he was little… we use to go for car rides and listen to the Men in Black song by Will Smith.  He loved it, and the louder, the better!  He also liked going the the airport and watching the small planes take off.  
When my husband and I adopted our daughter, Macy and Ethan immediately formed a special bond that was just as strong as the bond Ethan and I had.  

E is Ethan, but E is also for everlasting…

This kind of love….

….is everlasting!!