Facebook has become a major resource for people to connect and share with each other.  The Road and its team can be found there too!
Our main page is where you’ll find links to our web posts as well as items we share from other people.  All three of us (Stephanie, Karen, and Mardra) can post to it, so you never know what might show up there.  You can be sure it will apply to our community and be family friendly.

We also have a closed group where parents can discuss things and ask questions in a more secure environment.  The team members may use this group to try to get a consensus about a particular topic or to discuss new projects with those who follow us before rolling them out to the general public.  

Last but not least, we have a public group for our Story Club.  There will be more details about that in a future post.

In addition to our Road pages, each of the team members have individual pages that you can follow:

Stephanie – Walkersvillemom
Karen – Just Joshin’ Ya
Mardra – Grown Ups & Downs 

You can also find us lurking in the IDSC group for Parents/caregivers of preteens/teens/adults 

We hope to see you around Facebook!