Here on The Road we love to share stores about adults who find their creativity! Allie has done just that!  She’s also the first (alphabetically) on our list of adults who have their own businesses!  Today’s post was written by Allie and her Dad and on Friday we get to talk to Allie on our BlogTalk Radio show!  Be sure to join us and welcome Allie and her family to The Road!

Check out Allie’s website and Facebook page.

Meet Allie

Allie Guard is a 25-year-old woman with Down syndrome. Like most young ladies Allie loves music, movies, girl time, and pizza. And she loves beautiful colors. Allie has been doing inspiring color pencil art in unique designs since she was a little girl. Today her work can be seen on display at local art fairs, galleries, and can be purchased online at Together, Allie and her mother, Sharon have created allie art™ – a complete line of framed art, jewelry and accessories – all in the eye-catching color combinations Allie is known for.

What do you want your art to do for people?

I like to see people smile when they see my artwork

 Why do you love bright colors so much?

Because they are fun. They remind me of the bright colored blanket in my room.

Who are your favorite artists?

Jeff Johns and Christian Dallas (both friends and accomplished painters)

What do you want people to know about your artwork?

It’s amazing, and it’s all one of a kind. Just like me.

What is it like to work with your mom?

It’s great. She knows how to connect the dots.

What has been the biggest surprise to you about allie art™?

I am surprised at how so many people love my art. I see all of the comments on Facebook. I love my art fans!

In what country would you like to see allie art™ next?

Australia… a lady there saw allie art™ on the internet. She wanted to buy some before we even had the store online.

Favorite SongWorldwide by Big Time Rush  

Favorite food – pepperoni pizza – I’m working on enjoying a pizza in every state of the union!
Favorite pastime – watching Netflix with my cats, Sushi and Macy 

Favorite Broadway showMama Mia. I would also love to see The Lion King in New York sometime.  

Employer – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center –  after graduating from high school and Project Search work development program. Allie works in the call center where she and her team are responsible for mail and other printed communications.