From the back of the car Emily shouts to the sunset – Look! The sky is orange juice flavour!


Today’s adult blog spotlight is on Orange Juice Flavour Sky. This blog is written by Emily’s dad, Paul, and if you weren’t clued in by the extra u, they share their story from across the pond. Rotherham and South Yorkshire area where folks call Trisomy 21 Down’s syndrome. I love reading about Emily’s family and their adventures. 

 What you should do, right now, is drop everything, put the kettle on, and spend a few hours reading everything from the blog that shares:Lessons I’m learning from Emily and others with Down’s syndrome.”  However, if you, for some odd reason, can’t do that. I will point you to a few of my favorite posts.

This post came early in my “meeting” of the family, A Date to Remember. This is the story of Emily’s first date. “So let me tell you about my daughter Emily & her boyfriend Jono. Emily is 20 and has Down’s syndrome; Jono is one year older and also has Down’s syndrome. They met at school when Emily was 16. It soon became apparent to their teachers that there was something in the air (and it wasn’t the chicken korma drifting through from the dining hall). No, Emily and Jono had hit it off. Laughing together, wanting to be with one another, being in a better mood when the other was near. Sound familiar?” You’re going to have to read on to see how this one turns out.

Another post that I love is: Dad, when did I first have Down’s syndrome? The question that came after watching The Exceptionals, and the answer that followed, shared here, with us, Isn’t the web great? Read this one. For Sure.

At the end of the summer, before the leaves began changing, Richard Dawkins made a Tweet or Two that caught Paul’s attention. He replied perfectly with The Ability Delusion. “The Ability Delusion has sold us a lie where we have come to accept that the things listed above are “normal” and that the way that people with Down’s syndrome live is something which deserves eradication of all human species with trisomy 21.” And more.

And, if Down Syndrome Awareness Month has got your head a bit too full of information and news. READ THIS: “Emily’s having a weekend off so like any other sane family we were up at 5am and heading for the 6.29 Sheffield to St Pancras, first class if you don’t mind! We’d tried to book a taxi to take us to the station but we’d have had more luck asking for a fleet of unicorn’s to pull us in a chariot of gold.” For continued story telling that would make John Cleese proud, read on and enjoy.

Paul also keeps us up to date with Twitter: @OrangeJuiceSky 

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