One of the great things about being part of a team is that it gives you a chance to see different perspectives on the same issue.  Karen, Mardra, and I don’t ever seem to see things exactly the same, but we have a mutual respect for each other’s opinions.  The best way we’ve found to get multiple opinions across is talk it through.  BlogTalk Radio gives us a platform to share some of those discussions with our community.

In our first show, we talked about guardianship and sheltered workshops with two other friends, for two hours, and didn’t quite get through all of our thoughts.  :D  

We also love to meet new people and share new stories!  We’ve done 10 more shows since then, each one introducing a new person, organization, or service to our listeners.

We’ve had a great time meeting each one of our guests!  

You’re always invited to join the conversation live by typing question into our live chat box or calling in to speak directly with the guests.  If you can’t listen live, our show are available for download minutes after the show finishes either on our BlogTalk page, or here on our website under Radio Shows.

To be sure you won’t miss any show announcements, you can “Follow” our show on the BlogTalk page.  Today at 11:00 am ET we’ll be talking with Allie from Allie Art Design.