*originally posted 5/15/14 by Grown Ups & Downs


After graduation Marcus had a job with the family business. When that opportunity changed, we discovered the labyrinth that is vocational services. Having not yet conquered that beast – we are still looking for the best…options. Here are Marcus’ thoughts on work and jobs ->

Mom: Let’s talk about work.

Marcus: Alright.

Mom: Where was your last job?

Marcus: Wright Printing

Mom: What did you do?

Marcus: Books.

Mom: What did you do with books?

Marcus: Spiral.

Mom: Spiral Binding?

Marcus: Yes.

Mom: Did you like it?

Marcus: Yup. Print shop – Like in Newsies.

Mom: What about older jobs. Did you have a job while you were in school?

Marcus: Bergen Mercy (hospital)

Mom: What did you do there?

Marcus: Two spoons, one fork.  That was a long time ago.

Mom: Do you have a job now? 

Marcus: Not right now.

Mom: What would you like as your next job?

Marcus: Drive a horse carriage…or make fortune cookies.

Mom: Where do you want to drive a horse carriage?

Marcus: Times Square

Mom: and Fortune Cookies? That’s new. What do you want to  put on fortune cookies?  

Marcus: (puts his hands across the air like writing) “No. I’m fine.”

Mom: Alrighty. Is there anything else you could do?

Marcus: Vending machines.

Mom: Good idea. You could fill vending machines. Marcus: Yes. Fill with snacks. Pause

Or be a cowboy. In Texas. Or Broadway director. 

Mom: What about your story, Black Day, would that be a good job, selling your books?

Marcus: Yup sell. And sign.

Mom: You’ll autograph your books.

Marcus: And guess what? People will buy the books. Mom: Good thinkin’

                                                                         To be continued…