Sundays this October will be your chance to get to know the team behind The Road We’ve Shared: who we are, what we think, how we write…

To make it easy, I gave all the team members the same set of questions and asked them to answer them for a blog post.  

My hope is that you’ll learn a little about our personalities and how even though we have different perspectives on things we’ve all come together for the same cause.  

So…  I’ll go first!

A few questions just for fun:

Who is your favorite Muppet?

Zoot is the balding, blue-haired saxophone player for the Electric Mayhem. According to his performer and builder Dave Goelz, “Zoot is just a fifty-year-old burnt-out musician.”
I’ve always been a sucker for musicians. I spent my 20’s as a part-time groupie.  Since sax is one of my favorite instruments, and I’m getting close to 50 myself, Zoot is “The Man” for me!  Besides, who wouldn’t want to live in a psychedelic bus? Of course, up until I became a teenager, my favorites were Big Bird and Snuffy.

What song do you sing in the shower?

I’m not allowed to sing anywhere that people could hear, even through the door and walls.  Josh is the singer in our family and he has no problem telling me “You’re a bad singer.”  If I were allowed, it would probably be Rick Springfield, Bee Gees, or Nickleback.

What’s your favorite food?

PIZZA!!!!!   After all, it’s all the food groups in one!  I could live on pizza!

How do you relax?

I love to sleep. My favorite way to relax is to nap with my memory foam pillow.

And a few issue questions:

What do you think about DS-Connect?

I’m on the fence.  I see the need for some kinds of research.  So many things have changed, and our loved ones are living so much longer, that more information can be key to providing them the best care possible.  What worries me is the focus on cognition research.  

I’m interested in learning more about it and seeing where it goes.

How do you feel about sheltered workshops?

I am worried about two things when it comes to sheltered workshops: first, that all segregated employment opportunities are painted with the same brush.  There are some that take advantage and abuse their clients.  Others are doing wonderful work. Not all places that are categorized as sheltered workshops are bad places.  My second concern is that clients who have been in these environments will be displaced before appropriate supports can be created.  Huge waiting lists already exist for Medicaid waivers in most states.  In a rush to avoid lawsuits, people may fall through the cracks and be left with no supports.

Where do you see your loved one living after age 30?  

Josh is 27.  He did have his own apartment for about a year when we lived in Syracuse, NY.   He loved the idea of having his space, but he didn’t like being alone.  If he ever brings up the idea again, I’ll consider it, but I’d be happy to have him with me forever.

What is one thing you want the world to know about your son/brother?

Just because Josh may speak differently, don’t assume he doesn’t understand everything you’re saying.   His pet peeve is being spoken to like a child.  He gets most things and occasionally repeats back things that surprise even me.

Don’t underestimate him- you never know what’s going on in his head! 

Next Up:

Next Sunday, meet Mardra!