H for Happy on The Road We've Shared

If by chance you’re not happy right now – we’ve got just what you need!Today we look at videos that include adults who have Down syndrome, and of course, we start with the one that went viral last year on World Down Syndrome Day.

Okay, you can tell us, were you dancing or at least clapping along?


The videos that get the most attention may have a catchy tune, or make us think about the possibilities for our loved one – or both!

People We Know

Some of the videos allow our friends to shine like the stars they are!


Isn’t it great when a huge company like GOOGLE uses one of our home videos in a commercial!?

Thought Provoking

Some really great ones make us think…

Look at Me!

Following in the footsteps of Chris Burke, star of “Life Goes On,” actors and actresses are breaking down barriers to mainstream media and documentary films are exposing injustice – past and present.

Actors who have Down syndrome

Here are a couple trailers to peak your interest …
You’ll also want to check out Sproutflix and the Sprout Film Festival for films that “specifically and exclusively featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Pass the Popcorn

These videos are so great because they entertain and teach, make us laugh and cry, and above all, they help our loved ones express themselves to the world.  We’ll keep adding new ones to our Pinterest board as we find them.  Have one we don’t? Let us know!