By: Beth Sullivan and Stephanie Holland
I for IDSC Facebook Groups on The Road We've SharedWhile we’re talking about collaboration in the Down syndrome community, we have to highlight how social media has made it much easier for individuals to reach out to others in similar situations.  The International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) has created the space for us to do just that!
We asked IDSC Chairman, Beth Sullivan, to tell us a little bit about one of the unique strengths of IDSC: their Facebook groups.  Thanks Beth!
The International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) supports families with a loved one with Down syndrome in every step of their journey – from conception and throughout life.The IDSC understands the many emotions and thoughts that families with a new diagnosis may be experiencing. We are here to offer support, guidance and connections to other families that are now, or who have recently, gone through the same emotions and thought processes. Families with a new diagnosis, please keep in mind – you are not alone. This new journey will bring some challenges as well as much love and excitement. The IDSC is here to support you every step of the way.


The IDSC also understands that the needs and challenges can morph as our loved ones with DS grow and enter each new stage of life.


For online support, please join one or many of our IDSC Facebook groups. Links to the groups can be found at

IDSC Connections:
This group is for parent-to-parent support. It is our largest and most active group.

IDSC Prenatal Diagnosis:
This group is for those who have or had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome as well as for families with a potential diagnosis of Down syndrome for their unborn child.

IDSC Babies and Toddlers:
This group is for parents who are new to the Down syndrome journey. Whether you had a prenatal diagnosis or found out at birth, we hope that you will find this a safe place to talk about your fears and your joys!

IDSC Pre-K/Elementary:
This group is for parents who have a child with Down syndrome attending Pre-K through Elementary School. This includes public schooling, private schooling and homeschooling. This is a safe place to share information and support each other.

IDSC Parents/caregivers of preteens/teens/adults:
This group is for parents and caregivers of preteens, teens, and adults with Down syndrome.

IDSC Dads:
This group is for all dads of children with Down syndrome or expecting a child with Down syndrome. This is a place where we can make friends, share experiences, ask for help and support and find comfort in knowing you are not alone.

IDSC Conexión en Espanol:
Fue creada para conectar a la gente de habla hispana que tienen hijos con Sindrome Down.

IDSC Dual Diagnosis:
This group is for those who have a loved one who has Down syndrome as well as another diagnosis such as, but not limited to, autism.

IDSC Sibs:
This group is for those who have a sibling with Down syndrome.

IDSC Grandparents:
This group is for grandparents of individuals with Down syndrome. This is a safe place to share information and support each other.

IDSC Friends and Family:
This group is for those who have a friend or family member who has a loved one with Down syndrome.

IDSC Love and Loss:
This group is set up for parents and family who have loved and lost someone who has Down syndrome.

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The IDSC thanks all those families who have shared their stories and photos with us about their loved ones with Down syndrome. This book is a compilation of those stories which come directly from parents and siblings.Proceeds from the purchase of the eBook will go towards resources and welcome gifts for families receiving a new diagnosis.Visit the IDSC store to learn more about the eBook.