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I is for inclusion. Today we thank Sandra  McElwee, author and now famous, mother of Sean from Born This Way on A&E.


Born This Way Season 2 on A & E NetworkBy now, you’ve probably heard of Born This Way if you’re part of the Down syndrome community. If you’re just visiting as part of the #AtoZChallenge, Born This Way is the Emmy Award winning docu-drama about seven young adults who have Down syndrome and live in California. (*You have time to watch seasons one and two before season three starts airing!) Sandra McElwee is one of the thirteen brave parents who let us into their lives through the television screen.

The McElwee Family from Born This Way on A & E


But, before Sandra shared her story in front of a camera, she wrote three books that chronicle Sean’s school years and transition into young adulthood.

Books by author Sandra McEllwee


I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with Sandra “pre-television” (2014)  and if someone asked me to describe her in three words or less I’d say: Passionate (about inclusion), Honest, and FUNNY!

Sandra & Sean McElwee at NDSC conference 2014


Her books offer so much to parents with children who have Down syndrome, regardless of age.

Review of "Who's The Slow Learner" by Sandra McElwee " I got this book the other day and I love it! I have not read all of it yet, but I have looked through it and read bits and pieces throughout the book. It is a must read for anyone struggling through inclusion! We have had great inclusion for my son with down syndrome at times and have seen first hand the benefits of a good inclusive school, but over the last year things got so bad I am now homeschooling. I really did not know what to do next. I am still not over the scars left from the public school system and will homeschool a little longer, but this book has inspired me to find a way to fight again for Inclusion in the future. The openness and honesty is what I needed to hear because at times I felt so alone in our struggles. This would be a good book for educators as well who can't always understand the hurt and discrimination that so many families seem to build up throughout the years. Actually, I will be using this book as "gifts" for people that I feel would benefit from reading it"


We’re grateful to Sandra for becoming an “Awareness Partner” on the DOWNs Town Mall and we hope you’ll stop over and see her page !


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