J is for Jewelry from Allie Art Designs


One of the things Allie’s Art is turned in to is vibrant, colorful, jewelry!


“allie art” is the colorful creation of Allie Guard, a young woman with Down Syndrome from Cincinnati who is drawn to the magic of color. Using colored pencils, she fills intricate patterns with bright hues to create graphic landscapes, each with unique qualities of movement and emotion. After completing a design, the artwork is either framed for display, turned into wearable art in jewelry and accessories, or added to usable items such as note cards, key rings and bottle stoppers. Allie’s mother, Sharon, helps her in the process. All pieces are one-of-a-kind. – (Taken from Allie’s website)

These are just a few of Allie’s beautiful jewelry designs:

But the range of products available on Allie’s website extends far beyond jewelry! You’ll find home accessories like magnets and bottle stoppers, hair pins, key chains and badge reels, bookmarks, and of course, beautifully framed art.

We hope you’ll love Allie’s Art as much as we do and stop over at The DOWNs Town Mall to learn more!

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