Meet Joey – through the Eyes of His Sister, Marianne

Joey LOVES people…he can break the ice better than I can.  It is his smile and hugs that melt all those around him.  He loves his house mates and shows it by always thinking of them while he is out and picking up papers for them.  Then when we do a book signing he just has a blast!  He especially loves to great the babies and children and of course the pretty girls! 

All they need to see is his smile and they walk on over.  His love for people also includes the guys at the barbershop.  He recently started going back due to the efforts of the group home manager.  For that I am super grateful!  Joey loves being with the “guys”!  He walks in the doors to the shop and says “HI!”  Hand up in the air and huge smile on his face and all at once they say HI back. 

When Joey had his 50th birthday we had a big party for him and invited the “guys”…All 4 came and bought him a drink to which he sipped and replied “yuck” with a priceless face!  It made me cry to see. Wow this is what is was all about, Friendship!  And now the clients who get haircuts ask about him when he is not there.  It is his place…no staff or family go with him – he is on his own working, making money and playing around with his co-workers.  They love him and help teach him valuable lessons and accept him for who he is!  

I couldn’t be more happy.  Joey’s skills have grown and the business is better for it as well as his co-workers.  WIN WIN all the way around.  Don’t ever let someone tell you that just because your loved one is older that they can’t learn or do new things or adjust to new circumstances.  Joey still surprises us today and for that I am grateful beyond measure.