A to Z Blogging Challenge on The Road We've Shared

Calling all travelers!  A great way to share with new people is to participate in “blog hops” that are sponsored by groups on the internets….  

I found this one and thought it would be fabulous if we could collaborate and get everyone associated with TRWS to participate.  

Will you pick a letter and help me?  Or will I have to come up with 26 posts by myself????  (I hope for your sake I won’t)  :D

How to Participate

All of our posts will have something to do with Down syndrome, or our loved one, just like we normally share here on The Road.   The only difference will be that we will post every day, except Sundays, in April, and each post will have a “theme” that starts with the letter assigned to that day.

Here’s a calendar so you can see the dates / letters:

So say you pick the letter B.  You’ll have to write at least 100 words, pictures and videos are always welcome too, about something that starts  with B and send it to us so we can post it on April 2nd.  Sample topics?  Bananas, bowling, best friends, butterflies, the list is endless and up to your imagination.  

It will take a little co-ordination, but I know we can do it!   Even if you’ve never written and just want to send me an email with a story about your child/grandchild/sibling/friend, I’ll write it up and post it!   Know a doctor, therapist, organization that would like to contribute?  Pick a letter and ask them to write a  short post.  

I’ll update the list of which letters have been taken – so hurry and don’t miss out!  

For more information on the challenge and the sponsors visit their website.