Mardra and Marcus Sikora

Do you have someone who can complete your sentences? Someone who is the ying to your yang? Someone who truly makes you a better person?  I do!  Her name is Mardra and it’s her birthday month!

She calls me her evil twin – and that’s FINE with me! (Right Marcus?!) I super lucky she’s stuck with me this far – a year and a half and we finally got to meet face to face in Phoenix!

While she’s been involved in every project I’ve thrown at her, she’s had a few of her own cooking.

Arguing Eugenics

The Future and Other Twists



Black Day



Mardra Sikora publications





Since I happen to know that lists are a big thing in the Sikora household, I thought I’d celebrate her birthday (I’ll let her tell you which one) with my own:

Top 10 Reasons I Think Mardra is THE BEST!

Top 10

Hold your horses!

10. She’s not afraid to tell me to put on the brakes when I get outta control and want to do it all – NOW!




9. She’s the diplomat on my shoulder when I get … over emotional about something!




8. She’s the woman with a plan – and a notebook for it!


I'm not always right but I'm never wrong

7. She’s pretty much always right – but never gloats about it!






wise owl

6. She’s not only wise beyond her years, she’s a patient teacher!



5. She knows what I’m trying to say – sometimes before I do!


woman lifting earth


4. When she feels strongly about something – get ready for the earth to move!



3. I wanna be like her when I grow up!



hip mom

2. She’s a hip, karaoke signing mom with a super cool son!


Number one!


1. She doesn’t mind being associated with ME!



Thank you Mardra for all you’ve done for The Road We’ve Shared and for me!  Happy birthday!!!!

happy birthday