I read Loving Andrew in early 2016 for our Story Club. I was hooked from the first by the forward written by Dr. Brian Chicoine, one of the few experts in adult health for people with Down syndrome.  

Excerpt from the Foreword by Brian Chicoine, MD: “As the medical director of the Adult Down Syndrome Center… I always appreciate any occasion to get a more in-depth look into the lives of those individuals and their families. This book is one such opportunity… It is about the hope of that journey, and is told through the life of an amazing, delightful, loving, fun, and caring man. Each person has a story. Andrew certainly had his. In this book, you will get to know Andrew, learn his story, appreciate him, and love him. Perhaps you, too, will experience the journey, the hope, and the casting aside of preconceived notions.””

Dr. Chicoine makes the point that I often use when talking about our website and blog. No one can teach us as well as parents who have gone down this road before us. (That’s where the title of our group came from.)  
I won’t hide it; parts of the story are hard to read and not because of the writing. 
From the back cover: With the support of a loving father, mother, and two younger siblings, Andrew mastered the skills of life and became a contributing member of society. In spite of coping with schizophrenia in his later years, Andrew remained active, happy, and full of love until Alzheimer’s stole his memory and brought his life to a close at the age of fifty-two.
I was honored when the author stopped by our story club and even commented on some of the posts. I’ll be forever grateful to Mrs. Wyllie for sharing her story with us. 
If you’re interested in the history of people with Down syndrome, including Andy who was born in 1959, I highly recommend this story.  (Just have the tissues ready).  
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