Beauty Exposed is from the perspective of siblings to people who have Down syndrome. These are often some of the most significant relationships our loved ones have.  

This one is on my ‘to read’ list.  I just got my copy this week.

In her intro to the book, Chloe makes a bold statement that will melt the heart of all parents:

“After having Charity and Neko in my life, I believe that everyone should have someone with Down syndrome in their life and I find myself feeling badly for those who don’t.” p.20

She goes on to say the one thing that parents expecting a child with Down syndrome should hear – but often do not: “Congratulations to you and your family…”

In the 140 pages of the book young Chloe has assembled stories from other children between the ages of 4 and 13. The black and white photos help the reader connect with the stories and the families who shared them.  

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