By Mardra and Grown Ups & Downs

Would he like a sucker?

Today Marcus and I took the pile of annual reports  paperwork to the probate office at the courthouse.  Ooooh, sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, it is a bit intimidating, but everyone in the office has always been super nice and helpful to us. While one person was checking over and stamping paperwork with the big, official, stamp another scooted up to the counter and asked of me, “Would he like a sucker?”

I turn to Marcus, “Would you like a sucker?”

“No. Thank you.” He said to the lady as she pulls up a little “tree” of Blow-Pops and what-nots and places it on the counter. “Too old.” He said to me.

“You’re too old for that?” I asked.


I had to smile.

In the main lobby we saw with a former coworker of his and chatted for a few minutes. (Her sister has a baby with Down syndrome and continues to struggle with her fears. More thoughts on that here.) 

After we paid the $10 filing fee, we prepared to head back outside. Now, for those of you not living in the frozen tundra portions of the world, it’s cold here. And windy. Marcus is particularly adverse to wind.

I got a sweet parking place in a parallel parking spot onthe street right outside the courthouse, but you know how these government buildings are, it’s like a block from the front door to the street. So we headed out and bee-lined to the car.

By the time we got to the street Marcus was over the wind. And he rushed right out into the street. ACK! I grabbed him by the shoulders and held on to him to wait for the ONCOMING TRAFFIC to pass while saying, “Marcus Sikora!” you know, with the full-name-mom-voice, into his ear, “Wait!”

Can I just take this moment to say again, ONCOMING–

Once we both got into the car, he was mad at me for stopping him and said “Stop with my name.” And I was still freaked out that it did not even occur to him to look or stop for the traffic.

OK – We all accidentally do unsafe things occasionally without thinking, – last week I went the wrong way down a one-way street. I lucked out that nothing happened from that lapse in sense. Still…

I get so wrapped up in what Marcus can do and what he does well, it’s like a splash of cold water when he does something so blatantly unsafe.


But the paperwork is in. That’s where this started, right? Yeah. Hopefully we’re all set for another year.