18 Letters Left!

Are you thinking about joining us for the Blogging A to Z challenge next month?  Having trouble thinking of a word or topic to talk about?  Here’s some examples you can use!
A – artist, advocate, awesome, ability, amazing

B – Bowling, Basketball, beautiful, brave, best

C – Church, comic, creative, college, camp

D – daughter, dazzling, determination, drama, dancing

F – friends, family, fearless, fantastic, fashionable,

I – independent, individual, inspiring, instinct, impressive

J – joyful, jewel, jobs, justice, journey

L – love, laugh, labels, learning, listening

M – music, movies, mainstream, manners, memories

N – neighborhood, network, nicknames, nonconformity, normal

O – Olympian, outgoing, original, on the ball, objective,

P – passion, persistent, popular, prize-winning, pageant

Q – queen, qualified, questions, quirks, quick

R – radiant, remarkable, reach for the stars, rock star, respect

S – Special Olympics, sports, social, siblings, son,

X – xtra-special, xoxo (hugs and kisses), xtreme, xcellent, xbox

Y – young at heart, yesterdays, yada yada, Yikes!, y chromosome

Z – zany, zoo trip, zero tolerance, zig-zag, in the Zone, 

If one of these words inspires you to share, let us know!  If you need help telling your story – we’re here! Email anyone on our team and we’d be happy to help you!  

We can all be reached at theroadweveshared@gmail.com