Fans of Scandal may have noticed a quick nod to the disability community in the latest episode.

We’re used to seeing Olivia (Kerry Washington) advise the President and presidential candidates – it’s what she does. But this week, (Season 6, episode 2, “Hardball”) in a flashback, we see a conversation between Oliva and Presidential hopeful Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young). The disability community is rarely acknowledged for the size and potential political power that it contains in real life. But during this episode, which reached 6.54 million viewers, episode writer Matt Byrne gives the community a shout out.

“I have you set up with a private sit-down with Chris Sterns at tomorrow’s donor breakfast.

He liked your speech on disability rights.

He has three disabled grandkids and a lot of money.

So bring it home.”

It may not sound like much – but for those who are used to being ignored it’s something worth noting.



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This episode is available for viewing on the ABC website and Amazon.



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