Three Twenty-One eLearning on The Road We've Shared
How do you get current research, answers to questions, and access to experts out to people in the community?  Can you do it without the costs associated with travel?  How do bring physicians, researchers, teachers, and families together to learn from each other without having it cost a fortune?

The answer is 321 eLearning! 

This new and exciting platform createsPicture a virtual space for members of the Down syndrome community to come together for online learning.  The founder, Jennifer Smolka Ph.D. explains her mission like this:

The vision for 321 eLearning and the 321eConference is to create a global learning community for members of Down syndrome community.

321eLearning will provide synchronous and asynchronous learning products and services for parents, teachers and researchers who are supporting individuals with various forms of Down syndrome.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution to build knowledge, engagement and empowerment within the global Down syndrome community through innovative learning solutions designed to connect parents, educators, and researchers.

Collaboration is Key!

The second annual 321 eConference was held last month during the World Down Syndrome Day weekend.  Those of us on The Road were grateful to be a part of this unique gathering again.  Last year, we presented on “Finding Support via Social Media, Blogging, and Internet Communities” and “What’s in YOUR Library: Down syndrome in Children’s Literature.” This year, we talked about “Issues in Adulthood
Dr. Harpold on The Road We've Shared

Dr. Harpold
Susan Holcombe on The Road We've Shared

Susan & Rion Holcombe
Emily Jones on The Road We've Shared

Emily Jones
Dylan Thaner on The Road We've Shared

Dylan Thaner

The list of presenters include researchers like Michael Harpold, Chief Science Officer of LuMind, parents, like Susan Holcombe, mother to Rion, a student at Clemson University, and teachers like Emily Jones who advocates for her students, and self-advocates like Dylan Thaner who talked about inclusive education.

Many of the major Down syndrome groups were also represented:

Coleen Popp on The Road We've Shared

Coleen Popp :NDSC
Ginny Sessions Siller on The Road We've Shared

Ginny Sessions Siller: NDSS
Shannon French on The Road We've Shared

Shannon French: IDSC

Brandy Snow on The Road We've Shared

Brandy Snow: IMDSA
Joe Mears on The Road We've Shared

Joe Mears: D.A.D.S.
Deanna Tharpe on The Road We've Shared

Deanna Tharpe: DSAIA
Other highlights include a series of sessions in Spanish, and two keynote speakers: Patti Saylor addressed “Justice For Ethan: Working with Law Enforcement” and Dr. Surekha Ramachandran gave us a global perspective regarding Down syndrome in India.
As you can see, this is an exciting new way to reach people and with so many different perspectives 321 eLearning really is a place where we can be “All Together Now!”

There’s Still Time!

If you missed the eConference, you can still purchase access to the digital library here.