The UNSINKABLE Karrie Brown on the A to Z Blogging Challenge at The Road We've Shared


Karrie Brown had a dream – and made it come true!



Karrie wanted to model for her favorite store – Wet Seal.

“On a Tuesday at 1:30 pm, a Facebook page went up, Karrie Brown-Modeling the Future. On Wednesday by noon, Wet Seal corporate office in Orange County, California, issued a challenge.  If Karrie could reach 10,000 likes by 5:00 pm on Friday, they promised a surprise.  The surprise was on Wet Seal! Karrie reached over 11,000 likes by 11:00 am on Thursday!”

The UNSINKABLE Karrie Brown
(*From Karrie’s Website)

“Two weeks later, Karrie and her mom flew to California to Wet Seal corporate offices for a private photo shoot, to attend a new product line kick-off party as a VIP, to meet with a designer, to have a dream shopping spree, and a trip to Disney Land. The entire trip revolved around Karrie being the star of the show!”


To find out more about what Karrie’s been up to hop over to her DOWNs Town Mall page!


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