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What is vocational rehabilitation and why is it important to adults with Down syndrome?


“Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency that is designed to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment goals. Vocational rehabilitation agencies assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, get, keep, or regain employment. Many individuals with disabilities and their families, teachers, employers, and advocates have found these agencies can provide flexible services that help people reach their employment goals.” – Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI)

ICI lists some of the services available from your state’s voc. rehab. office:

“The following is a list of many of the services, but not all, that you might receive during the employment planning stage:

  • Vocational counseling and guidance
  • Job placement assistance
  • College or vocational training
  • Supported employment services
  • Skills training
  • Job coaching or tutoring
  • Transportation
  • Interpreter services for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Services to assist students with disabilities in their transition from school to work
  • Reader services for individuals who are blind
  • Assistive and rehabilitation technology services
  • Referral services
  • Support, advocacy, and follow-up services for at least 90 days following job placement”
Meet David Egan on The Job Accommodation Network
Meet David Egan on The Job Accommodation Network


You may recognize David Egan from the publicity around his advocacy and JP Kennedy Jr. Public Policy Fellowship. He’s also featured on the Job Accommodation Network’s (JAN) site for his work at Booz Allen Hamilton. JAN is a great site to learn about what accommodations are and how to ask for them.


They also have a list of state VR agencies.

Knowing what accommodations to ask for and what services are available, will be helpful when you’re creating an individual plan with your loved one that will help him/her reach his/her goals.




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