Happy WDSD to all our friends with Down syndrome and their families!

We’ve been quiet for a while now, but we’ve been working behind the scenes.  This year we’ve been updating our literature lists and planning to cover new books in our Story Club!  If you are an author, or know someone who is and would like us to feature a specific book please let us know.  

Also, I’m working on an online course for parents who want to learn more about disability studies.  It’s going to be geared towards those who have our special perspective – disability adjacent.  🙂  We’ll look at some tough topics – like guardianship, sub minimum wages, and dignity of risk – and try to understand both sides of the issues.  If there is something you’d like to discuss feel free to email me personally (stephanie@theroadweveshared.com), or put it in the comments for others to weigh in on.

This year’s them is “Inclusion Matters.” To participate in the going’s on at the United Nations visit the Down Syndrome International website.  The virtual conference is from 11 to 4 EST. 

I’ll keep this short because I  know we will have lots to look at and read over the next couple of days.  I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!  

And if you’re looking for Ds swag – check out all of the new designs we added to our Redbubble site!





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