We hope you all enjoy the video tribute we put together of all our friends on this special day.  Disclaimer:  All of these pictures were shared with us on Josh’s Facebook page and because we have sooooo many friends, the video is just a bit over ELEVEN MINUTES LONG!  🙂

Although WE, Josh’s family, celebrates Down syndrome 365 days a year, today is a special day to recognize everyone as a group. 

We are creating awareness that people with developmental and intellectual disabilities can lead happy, fulfilling lives surrounded by family, friends, classmates, and coworkers. 

All of us at Just Joshin’ Ya truly believe that by creating awareness, just by doing your thing day to day, it really does lead to acceptance for individuals with DD/ID.  We are strong believers that creating awareness leads to acceptance, which ultimately leads to inclusion! 

We’re working hard and making great strides!  Keep on keepin’ on!  We send all of you lots of LOVE today and every day!

Without further adieu:  Here is the video!