Blogging From A to Z April Challenge


Words matter.

Our stories matter.

Bloggers who tell their truths help our cause in many different ways.

The interwebs are literally littered with blogs for everything you can possibly imagine. Facebook and Twitter allow you access to experts and the newly introduced to Ds or any other topic.

Whether you’re looking for specific details regarding the latest research, or inspiring stories about how other families have tackled a difficult situation, the internet is a gold mine. Gone are the days when we had to spend hours in the local library looking for information that may or may not be there. We’re no longer held prisoner by outdated information.

We have a new problem. We now have to decide for ourselves what information to believe. We have to curate the many media sources and face opinions that we don’t agree with. We also have to decide how we’ll respond to those sources we deem irrelevant or in opposition.

We could ignore them.

We could enter into a debate based on facts and hopefully change someone’s mind (even if it’s yours).

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many instances where parents engage in heated battle with other parents. Just because someone has a different perspective on inclusion or wants something different for their child than you do for yours doesn’t mean you have to engage in a battle that’s hurtful and mean.

No Mom...should be threatened, intimidated, retaliated against or made to feel guilty for advocating for what her child needs.
Credit: Facebook


Words can also be used to influence political leaders to pass new legislation that could help people.

Words can be used to tell your story and get others to back your position on a platform like

You don’t have to be a professional writer to change the world.

We started a list of blogs that are written by adults who have Down syndrome or their parents.

If you have one yourself or know of one that we missed please feel free to add it.


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