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Aging with Down syndrome creates new health challenges. Families are helping each other by sharing what they learn.

In a recent 4-part series on NJTV News called Aging and the Unknown: Adults with Developmental Disabilities”  parents talk about the issues that we face as caregivers in basically uncharted territory.

“Jane Boyle and Leone Murphy — whose sister and daughter were best friends — created the first-ever statewide support group meeting for caretakers of those with Down syndrome and dementia hoping to share what they’ve learned. With few doctors specializing in the middle-aged population, they are, as they did all those years ago, relying on their own instincts. “

We continue to research and learn about other issues we need to watch out for.

The good news is that the medical community is starting to recognize our needs.

One of the experts in the field is Dr. Brian Chicoine. To stay up to date on the work from his office – The Adult Down Syndrome Center – follow them on Facebook.

Health and Aging for people with Down syndrome


Also, visit our list of topics to discuss with your physician.





Are you battling a health issue? Do you have access to a Ds specialist? If no, do you take research/information to your general practitioner?

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