BMarcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome is the lead vocalist and co-writer of this song, “We are the Band (Black Day!)” which was inspired by/written with his book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

Marcus and Quinn Sikora co-wrote the lyrics and then a small but mighty group formed to work out the melody and lay down the tracks. Phil Reno is the guitar soloist and we think it rocks. Brad (Dienstbier) is on the bass (of course) and Quinn is drummer and programming and so on. There were others in the background, as there always are with music and videos. AND Noah Witchell – the book’s illustrator and animator of the short and this video –  – – WOW!

It was fun for me (Mom) to watch this all come together and I think you’ll agree that Marcus is, in fact, a master at the “rock and roll scream.”

This music video was released just before World Down Syndrome Day 2016 and, inexplicably, NOT gone viral. Weird, right?

If you have the book and DVD already, you will love this “special feature,” and watch the website for more. If you have the book, but not the DVD – a 13 minute, read-along animated short in the same 3D animation style as this video, you can get the DVD by itself  here. If you don’t have the book OR the DVD – What are you waiting for?

#BlackDayBook Rocks! 

AND FINALLY – If you want to know more about Marcus and this project, this is another fun video link to fill you in:

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