I use this drawing as my “profile picture” on most things that I do under the “Walkersvillemom” name.   It symbolizes the sentiment “I Love Someone Who Has Down Syndrome.”

There are LOTS of us out there who do!

So what makes this online community different than the ones that are already out there – lets face it – there are many.  This one is geared toward and focuses on the needs of parents/caregivers who are dealing with adult issues.  There are fewer choices for our specific group, but we need them just as much.  

Our needs are different.  

I have some ideas about what I’d like to see in an online community – but I’m looking for input.  Please feel free to share ideas about what features you think  we should have and what topics you’d like to learn more about / discuss.

Here’s a list of the goals I’ve identified so far:

Plans / Objectives:

  • A place to share pictures and videos of our kids without judgment.
  • Forums to discuss specific topics of interest with the ability to have ongoing conversations and archived information.
  • Access to specialists (doctors, lawyers, policy makers).
  • Blogs and stories that pertain to adults.
  • In depth interviews that allow stories that would not normally be shared to reach a larger audience.
  • News on relevant topics.
  • Ability to advocate on issues that affect adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Philosophy of the community is also a work in progress, but here’s what I have so far – feel free to make suggestions here too!

Together we can create a living history that tells the story of a generation of people who have Down syndrome – who were among the first to be “mainstreamed / fully included” in public schools and now have adult lives, concerns, and dreams.  While we do this, we can support each other by learning, sharing, and responding to each other in a way that was not possible when our children were young.