*Originally published 01/05/14


Not long ago I decided, What the Hell, I’ll do it! I’ll join the…what century is this? and start a blog. Partially because I didn’t see many other folks talking about what we have to talk about: life with an adult child with Down syndrome. 
Apparently Stephanie noticed this too, so she started this site. 
Good Thinkin’!
As you will soon see, we don’t come from a place of all answers; nooooo, we come from a place of still finding answers. Heck, we’re still the discovering questions! So much like the many lovely blogs out there about families just starting out with their beautiful child with Down syndrome, we intend to let you know what we learn as we go. 

Grown Ups & Downs has a permanent website as well. I plan to share here the applicable informative and timely articles. I also look forward to answering your questions and learning from other
parents in the forums.

Let’s get started!