Fridays in October will be dedicated to explaining some of the features we’ve built so far at The Road We’ve Shared. 

Our Website

Since The Road We’ve Shared is still less than a year old, all of our communication tools are still works in progress.  We’re trying new things, adding new features, and waiting to see what the community likes and uses most.  Our website is the main hub to all things “Road” related.  

The RoadMap Blog is the main feature of the website.  We started out with individual blogs for each team member, but as time went on, we found that to be too cumbersome and hard for people to follow.  So, we consolidated into just one blog for everyone.  We’ll use it from now on to post new information and we’ll be moving all of the previously posted information over, slowly.  (*By the way, did you know you can get our blog delivered to your inbox?  Just type in your email on the right and click “Subscribe.”)

In addition to the blog, you’ll find lots of other cool stuff like our Video Gallery and Photo Gallery. (Under the tab marked “Our Scrapbooks” on the left) Access to all of our BlogTalk Radio Shows can be found under “In The Media.”  And a couple of my (Stephanie) pet projects “The Research Corner” and “Down Syndrome in Children’s Literature.

There’s so much more, I’ll let you explore and find it all.  (Especially the lists and Pinterest boards)

We’d love your input on features you’d like to see or things you think we should get rid of.  What you find interesting or confusing.  

We hope you’ll help us fine tune The Road as we close out our first year together!