World Down Syndrome Day 2015 on The Road We've Shared

World Down Syndrome Day 2015
This year, we’re changing the focus a bit on March 21st.  For the 10th anniversary of this special day, we here at The Road are participating with seven other Down syndrome groups who created the “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign.

[For more about the event, check out thearticle on Huffington Post from the chairman of IDSC – Beth Sullivan]

The goal of the event is to raise awareness about Down syndrome while spreading the love and good cheer that comes with giving to others. Since our specific mission is to support adults who have Down syndrome and their caregivers, we’ve decided to offer a friendly challenge to all those participating in the R.A.K. event:

Give Back to the Down Syndrome Community by Connecting with Adults in Group Homes

So many adults with Down syndrome are living in group homes in our community with little or no support from families.  A simple act of kindness – a visit or letter – would mean so much to those who rely on paid staff for the majority of their care.

The greatest fear for us as parents of adults, is that there will come a day when we are unable to care for our children if they needs us.  #WDSD15 could be a stepping stone to larger effort.  They say “it takes a village.”  We are the villagers for these adults without caregivers.

Some local Ds groups already have an outreach program in place.  If your group doesn’t, or you don’t belong to a local group, you can start your connection by contacting your local Arc or Developmental Disability service provider.

#WDSD15 on The Road

We’re anxious to see photos on 3/21/15!  If you participate in the random acts of kindness event – please send us pictures!  We also have t-shirts and other items available to help you celebrate!
World Down syndrome Day 2015 on The Road We've Shared

For some other great ideas on how to spread the love, check out our photos and lists!

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate this year!