In business there is a mantra among entrepreneurs: “Find a need and fill it.” 


Karen Bowersox didn’t realize there was such a need as special clothes for people with Down syndrome, or even know that she was an entrepreneur until she tried to find clothes for her granddaughter, Maggie. After a nudge from her daughter, she hired a designer and they began their journey of supplying clothes for people with Down syndrome via Downs Designs.

The Downs Designs mission includes the goal of providing, Persons
with Down syndrome proper fitting clothes made for their unique body shapes
. They also aim for comfort, ease of use, and no tags. 
Marcus’ Downs Design jeans arrived in May just before our trip to Denver for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation model auditions. We used the Try on Service option and HOLY COW Karen and her team made it easy. (Check out my full Downs Designs review here – and also fun notes about the audition.) 


With summer’s arrival I asked Marcus, “Would you like a pair of denim
shorts too?”


 So, continuing the keep it easy methodology, I emailed Karen and said simply, “We’d like to order a pair of shorts.” 
She replied to measure the inseam of Marcus’ favorite shorts for length, then she’d make it happen. Even I could do that. So I did.
And about a week later ->

The options include women’s, men’s, kids, teens, pants, shorts, capris and more.  The pants are zipperless and the taioring keeps in mind the unique body shapes of those with Down syndrome. In short, I recommend checking them out.

 - Mardra Grown Ups and Downs