The Ds Road Show will celebrate creativity within the Down syndrome community and start Down syndrome Awareness Month off with some flair! Submit your entry today!

Creativity is the art of being yourself through all the possible means and ways.

How do we encourage and support our loved ones to be themselves in a world that tries to change us all into strict definitions of “productive members of society?”

To be yourself in a world that is continually trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"



Through art and creativity – self-expression and awareness!




This week, we here on The Road are preparing to celebrate one of the pioneers in our community – Chris Burke – on his 50th birthday and in recognition of his retirement from NDSS. Chris led the way for actors to follow and provided much needed awareness about the creative abilities of people with Down syndrome.

Response to Chris’s role on “Life Goes On” (’89-’93) was overwhelmingly positive.  One mom in our group explained the way Chris’s character often generated dialog at the time:

“When my son was born 22 years ago, lots of people didn’t really know what to say. It became funny that so many people said something like “Do you know that show? I love that boy!” I guess that was the only thing they could think to relate to.

I always loved Corky!”

Acting gave Chris a springboard to other creative outlets, like singing in a band!

The Chris Burke Band with Joe and John DeMasi -
The Chris Burke Band with Joe and John DeMasi –

He opened doors for artists with Down syndrome everywhere!

Art adds to important knowledge about the world around us!

“Actually, our response to art always depends on what we know—which includes factual knowledge about the world, cultural knowledge, knowledge gained from personal experiences, and even knowledge about the art process itself.” [Creativity and Art Expression – Arthur P. Shimamura Ph.D., Psychology Today, Feb 23, 2014]

In recent years, the arts have become an important part of disability services in general.  A 2008 study highlights the importance of integrating creativity into programs for adults with Down syndrome and other intellectual and physical disabilities.

Researchers found that art helps strengthen self-awareness and self-esteem and gives people a unique way to express their own ‘voice’ which is sometimes missing in conversations about Down syndrome.

It’s because of this that we created the Ds Road Show. We believe that as parents and caregivers, we have an exclusive view of how our loved ones express themselves and bring joy to others through art. Whether it’s music, drama, painting, or some other creative outlet, we learn more about who they are and what they feel by what they create.

We want to provide a stage for more people to see and share this perspective.

Submit Your Entry!

We invite all adults (over 18) with Down syndrome to join the Ds Road Show and display their creative talents.  We’re looking for videos and pictures of your favorite piece to put into one of three categories:

  • Performing Arts – Video of a performance (musical or drama)
  • Fine Arts – Painting/drawing, or photography
  • Crafts – Durable (pottery, wood, glass), Soft (sewing, yarn, embroidery)


The festivities will begin the first week in October so get your entry in soon by visiting our website and clicking on the “Artists” link.


You can  nominate someone who helps people find their creative outlet for our Dreamcatcher Award!
We also need sponsors to make this event as big as possible. If you or your business are interested in supporting this venture, visit the sponsors page:


Help us celebrate our loved ones for who they are and what they add to the world!

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