We Won’t Give Up, We Won’t GO aWAY!

The latest song from one of my favorite bands reminds me of #JusticeForEthan.  

“Hey, hey, just obey”

That’s the cult of compliance in a nutshell.

“We won’t give up, we won’t go away. 
‘Cause we’re not about to live in this mass delusion.”

This week, Ethan’s mom, Patti Saylor, held a press conference in Frederick, Maryland where she came out in support of Sheriff Chuck Jenkin’s opponent – Karl Bickel. 

Not only has she, and many others, made great strides toward the goal of meaningful training for law enforcement and other public servants, now she’s working on systemic CHANGE in leadership.

Patti won’t give up, and neither will we!

What Do We Want? We Want Change!

“And how we gonna get there? REVOLUTION!”
Across the nation, people are standing up for what they believe in.  That’s what the video is about (In my opinion).  It doesn’t suggest a military or violent response, but urges us to take a look at what’s going on around us and not be afraid to say, “This is not okay” “We want change!” 

And then be prepared to ACT on those feelings.

In addition to her press conference, Patti published a personal plea to those of us who believe that Ethan’s death was completely avoidable.  

When Ethan was killed many people asked in bewilderment: “Why didn’t somebody just buy him a movie ticket?” 

Here’s your chance!

If you would have paid the $10 movie ticket to save Ethan’s life, will you send it to me now?

Jenkins has never been, and has never pretended to be, part of the solution.

I’ve written several times about his arrogance and the fact that he refuses to take any accountability for the actions of his officers.

It’s time for a REVOLUTION in Frederick County and communities like it (Ferguson) that fail to recognize the value of its citizens!  It’s time that we demand a new system – a better system – one that protects all people regardless of race, ability, or any other characteristic deemed “less valuable” by certain members of society.

It’s time to hold those in leadership positions who fail us accountable in the best way we can – VOTE THEM OUT!

I’m so proud of what Patti is doing and grateful that she has found a worthy candidate to replace the bigotry that is currently The Frederick County Sheriff.

If you want to be a part of the #JusticeForEthan REVOLUTION, please go to Karl Bickel’s website and donate the price of a movie ticket $10 

Tell Jenkins and others like him that 

We Want Change!

Let’s stand together on this one