Let me tell you about the “man voice pill.”

Marcus and I like to watch old Disney cartoons together, like classic Mickey Mouse and friends. Not black and white, he’s generally only interested in color TV, but classics just the same. One of our favorite characters to watch together is Donald Duck. Poor Donald, always getting into trouble.

In one particular episode Donald tries selling hairbrushes door-to door. At each house, as soon as Donald speaks, the door is slammed in his face. Why? Because no one can understand him, because they don’t want to or like to hear his voice.

But wait – there’s hope! A man selling a magic pill. When Donald swallows this pill, he approaches each door with his new smooth voice and now it’s all smiles, all go. Doors open.

Marcus sat up quite straight at this plot.

“I want that.” He said, “I want the man voice pill.”

It’s no wonder. How many doors are slammed on my dear boy? How many more doors would be opened if only he had a “man voice?”

If only he could articulate for you, World-behind-the-door, a little more clearly, a little more quickly, would you give him a chance? How many doors would open?

Medical/science/pharmaceuticals are researching ways to enhance the cognitive and communicative abilities of people with Down syndrome. It’s something that is difficult to talk about. I fear people will misunderstand, perhaps I don’t even give proper credit that most people could understand how complex the emotional reactions and sensibilities collide at the prospect.

I’m certain I don’t I have the capacity to put the issue into the right words, one of those subjects too tricky to articulate. All I can say for certain is that Marcus wishes for a man voice pill and if it were possible, I would consider giving it to him.