Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

Advocacy around research is important, especially because Down syndrome is the least funded genetic condition by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Learning to read a karyotype is our introduction to the science and research of Down syndrome. It’s a picture of someone’s DNA that shows the pairs of chromosomes and the existence of a third 21st chromosome.

It was research that identified the importance of early childhood education and therapy.  Education research continues to help children with Down syndrome learn to read and do math.

Medical research helps doctors identify and promote better health or people with Down syndrome. More is known about childhood health problems than adult issues. More medical research is needed in the area of adult health including the link between Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome.

Research is desperately needed to help identify the cause and possible solutions for the racial health and life expectancy disparities in people with Down syndrome.

Median age of life expectancy for people with Down syndrome.

One way families can help support Ds research is to register with Ds-Connect.


The National Association for Down Syndrome has a list of additional research resources.

If research is an area that you are interested in, there are many opportunities to get involved.

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